Application of slurry pump and matters needing attention

Purpose of slurry pump

Slurry pumps can be widely used in power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, and other related industries such as hydraulic ash removal in thermal power plants, metallurgical concentrator slurry transportation, coal washing plant coal slurry, and heavy-medium transportation to pump slurry containing solid particles.
Precautions for slurry pump operation.

When the slurry pump is working, the pump needs to be placed on land, the suction pipe is placed in the water, and the pump needs to be started. Mud pumps and submerged slurry pumps are subject to structural limitations. When working, the motor needs to be placed above the water surface, and the pump must be placed in the water, so it must be fixed, otherwise, the motor will fall into the water and the motor will be scrapped. Moreover, because the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the pump are troublesome, and the application occasions are subject to many restrictions.

If there is a spare pump, it is best to use the two pumps in turn. If the pump is stuck, only the pump can be repaired. You can add a net at the water inlet to prevent excessive impurities from entering the pump so that the chance of the pump being stuck will be much smaller!

Pumps are divided into electrical and mechanical aspects. For the mechanical aspect, you can find out by comparing the previous maintenance records. The second is the electrical aspect. It is necessary to understand the power of each pump motor and have a certain understanding of his control system. Slurry pumps with mechanical seals must ensure the supply of shaft seal water. It is strictly forbidden to run without water, otherwise, the mechanical seal will be burnt.

For more information about slurry pumps, you can consult the slurry pump supplier to help you out.