Pump knowledge–Introduction to Marine Dredging Pump

Ⅰ. Development History of Marine Dredging Pump

1. The PN series dredging pumps were produced before 1980s, with sizes ranging from 1PN to 10PN,

2. After the 1980s, slurry pumps from abroad were introduced: we improved the G (GH) series, which are used on a cutter suction dredger for pumping large particles of gravel; AH series of pumps were improved for sludge discharge relay pump; Submersible slurry pumps are used for desilting in ports and submarine trenching and cable laying.

3. After 2000, four products, 250WN, 300WN, 450WN and 500WN, have been well tested in the “Hundred Ships Plan” of China.

4. After 2005, the successful application of large models of dredge pumps and high-pressure flushing pumps with a diameter of more than 600 has raised the design and manufacture of dredge pumps to a new level.

II . Four Structures of Dredging Pumps 
Structure 1

Structure 2

Structure 3

Structure 4