Sand Dredging Pump 8/6E-G

Brand: CNSME
Model Number: SG/200F
Certificate: CE/ISO
Place of Origin: Hebei,China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Delivery Time: 10-14 days
Payment Terms: T/T 100% deposit
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month
Packaging Details: Wooden crate



Pump Model: SG/150E

The SG range of dredge and gravel pumps is designed to provide continuous pumping of highly abrasive slurries containing large particles at high maintained efficiencies with low maintenance and ownership costs. The impeller fitted to our SG heavy duty gravel pumps is closed type with three vanes, which allow the impeller to pass large rocks. The heavy duty dredge pump, is specifically designed for low head duties such as hopper dredging and barge loading.

The dredge pump is one of the main components of the dredger, and it is critical for achieving production. Dredge pumps also have the biggest power consumption during operation so efforts to reduce the pump’s power needs through smarter design are critical.

Features of Sand Dredging Pumps:

Enhanced Performance; Enhanced Efficiencies; Enhanced Abrasion Resistance

Longer casing life- The large volume of the casing reduces internal velocities resulting in reduced wear;

Lost production time is reduced and screening is avoided- Because the internal proportions of the Dredge and Gravel pump ranges allow extraordinary large particles to be passed.
Long component life with no need for wear rings- The special shape of the impeller vanes and casing combine with side sealing vanes to reduce recirculation down the front of the impeller and exclude abrasive solids from between the impeller and casing.
Reduced leakage and wear- Side sealing vanes on the shaft side of the impeller reduce gland pressure and intrusion of solids into the gland area.

Material Construction:

Description Standard Material Optional Material
Impeller A05
Door A05
Bowl A05
Front Cover A05
Back Liner A05
Shaft Carbon Steel SUS304, SUS316(L)
Shaft Sleeve 3Cr13 SUS304, SUS316(L)
Shaft Seal Gland Packing Seal Expeller Seal, Mechanical Seal



Sand and Gravel; Hydraulic Mining; Sugar Beet & Other Root Vegetables; Slag Granulation; Tunnelling.


Max. Power
Clear Water Performance Impeller
Capacity Q Head
No. of
Vane Dia.
SG/100D 6×4 60 36-250 5-52 600-1400 58 2.5-3.5 3 378
SG/150E 8×6 120 126-576 6-45 800-1400 60 3-4.5 391
SG/200F 10×8 260 216-936 8-52 500-1000 65 3-7.5 533
SG/250G 12×10 600 360-1440 10-60 400-850 65 1.5-4.5 667
SG/300G 14×12 600 432-3168 10-64 300-700 68 2-8 864
SG/400T 18×16 1200 720-3600 10-50 250-500 72 3-6 1067